Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two for Tuesday

Trying out this linky I found today! Looks like fun! Thanks to Martha at the Teaching Tribune for hosting! I am going with a Reading theme today!

Here are the 2 products that I have put on sale for 50% for today!

The first is a new product I finished up yesterday. I'm so pumped about this one. I am going to print and laminate these today!

What I'm using them for:
-I saw a large wooden sign created with book places on Pinterest. I haven't got around to that yet, looks like it will take a lot of work. So I created my own book places clipart to use in my classroom!
-I am going to print out the colored arrows pretty large and laminate them. Then I am going to attach them to a long piece of construction paper for the sign post. This is going to look great in my classroom library!
-There are some ready made sign posts for you to use as well!
-I am also going to use them for library activities as clipart!

Next up, my Story Map Cards.
Included in this set are Story Map cards and What's the Big Idea cards.

What I use them for:
During small guided reading groups I use these for the stories we are reading. I just assign each student a box and a sticky note and they have to record the needed information. (I usually rotate boxes so that each student gets to do all the boxes) it really gets them into the story because they know they will be assigned something to write about. You could also color code the sticky notes to a specific group so that you can leave them up! My students loved this last year. I don't know what it is about sticky notes but they are always excited to use them!

Here is what it looked like in my room last year! 
That's it for today! I have already found things I need to purchase!

Happy Tuesday!

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