Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back to School Weekly Linky: Behavior Management

This is exactly what I needed get my head started thinking about school. Only 3 weeks left until I am back to work. How am I going to leave this little cutie!?
Here is the schedule to keep me on track.
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So today's topic is Behavior Management:
AMC Bucks:
The last 2 years my teammates and I have been working with the same group of kids. Let's just say that we had some CHALLENGING behaviors. We taught 4th grade and then moved up to 5th grade. It had positives and negatives about it. The biggest problem was that by year 2 we needed to revamp our behavior procedures to keep the kids on task.

We continued using a money system we called, AMC Bucks. How cute is that!? I don't know if you have AMC Movie Theaters where you are, but we sure do! We were so excited it just worked out that each of our last names fit! My teammate then created these cute little bucks and the register to use in our classroom. We printed these in B&W on green paper!

 Here's how it worked:
-Each day they came to school they would get $200. Wish I could get $200 for walking in the door! :)
-Throughout the day they would have to complete their student duties: On task, following directions etc to keep their money
-If they did not follow their duties they could lose money. Usually it was $50 each time. (Most students never lost any money)
-They kept track of their money on their own register in their binders. This was the hard part because I did not keep a record of every student's money because that would be crazy! But really, they were all very honest about it. You always knew who earned the reward or not by the end of the quarter. I did love that this was exactly like keeping a bank register which is a life skill!
-They needed to reach a certain amount by the end of the quarter. We figured out how many days we had and then cut it back a bit so it was achievable if you were absent a couple days. Usually ours was about $7,000 to get the reward.  
     Rewards: Usually all were about 30 minutes, once a quarter.
-Tech Party  -Extra Recess -Short movie/snack Etc. What other rewards do you use?

*Also, we had class money that they had to earn daily. We needed to reach $800 by recess so they could have the whole time to play. Each section of our day was worth at least $100. We had recess in the afternoon. If they did not reach the $800 then we had them walk "thinking laps" for 5 minutes of their time. Again, I added or took away money based on the whole class's behavior. This worked, we hardly ever missed recess time. Shock, they love it!

Homework Club: 
In 4th grade, we had lots of trouble with kids turning in their homework. So I tried out Lesson with Laughter's - Homework Club. I loved it! Here is what it looked like in my room. Free numbers here!
Everyday the kids would have to mark off their name on the Homework Sheet, which was just a simple table with their names and days of the week. Then they could keep their number in the Homework Club. Here is how I made this.

Now, this did not work for everyone. There were always the chronic kids that did not turn in homework repeatedly and unfortunately for them they missed out on some fun activities. I had a few students that NEVER, and I mean NEVER, turned in one piece of homework in 4th grade.

*Funny story: One student, never turned in homework and always had the best excuses! My favorite one was: "Well, I did it. But, then I was outside and it kind of fell in... the lake. So it was ruined." Ps. There is no lake anywhere near where I teach. HA! (He actually did his homework last year!)

But surprisingly, this worked for them, and they hardly ever missed an assignment. I call that a win!

I am definitely going to use the Homework Club again in 3rd grade this year. Since I am moving down to 3rd grade with two new teammates I'm not sure yet what management system we will use. Hopefully something similar to AMC bucks, but I am always looking for new ideas! Hoping to find some on your posts!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a great linky, thanks for sharing!! I LOVE the AMC bucks that your school does, how fun!! You have come up with some very good ways for behavior management, such a great post! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Warmest Wishes,

  2. I am already missing working with you! Those two pieces we will use in 4th, good luck and please visit!

  3. Hey Kerry! Thanks for linking up with Stephanie & myself for our first week of the B2S Weekly Linky!

    I love the idea behind using a classroom economy behavior management system. Do you find that your students are focusing solely on this and not their work, simply to gain bucks? Also, do you feel that you spend a lot of time dolling out or taking away bucks? I think I'd be too OCD to hand over the process to a student, but it might make a great class job - banker!

    I, too, used the homework club in my classroom this year. The students LOVED it. They couldn't wait for the prize at the end of the month and if they got knocked out, boy, it sure kicked them down. BUT, when they realized that they stayed in for one whole month, that kicked them back into gear!

    I hope that you'll link up with us this week for our assessment discussion in Week 2 of the B2S Weekly Linky!

    Miss V's Busy Bees