Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It and my FIRST Giveaway!

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Whoa! This has been a busy week! I didn't have much going on this week so I threw myself into some projects! Some are not quite completed so I will post about those when I am finished!
 Now, I know this doesn't look like much. BUT trust it me it took us awhile to complete this! We dug out all the grass and weeds. Yikes! There were tons. Then restacking the rocks so that they fit correctly is like a puzzle! But I think we did a pretty good job. Now, I just need dirt and mulch!
 Next, when I was pregnant I REALLY got into crocheting. I mean like obsessed! I needed something to occupy my mind I guess! I think I ended up making my son like at least 10 newborn hats! Ha! My friend said it was a parade of hats because he could wear a new one everyday! Honestly, I think I changed his hat at least 5 times while we were in the hospital! He was just so cute!
Anyways, I decided to create my own Etsy shop of my crocheted items. I have been researching and getting ready all summer and I have finally done it! I'm so excited to share my hobby with others! If you haven't checked out Etsy you should! Here is my store!
And I FINALLY finished my Computer Lab Word Wall cards for TPT. I needed to make some changes from the ones I have in our computer lab! These are so cute. Check them out in my store!
Last, what you have been waiting for!
I've been wanting to do a giveaway for awhile because they look so fun! I love winning things so I thought you would too! Hopefully, I have set this up correctly! :) The giveaway is open until Wednesday!
 Here is what I am giving away! They are all part of my Road Trip Theme for my classroom! I am giving away my Road Trip Bundle and my New Book Places Classroom Decoration!

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  1. I love your Made It #1, that's some great landscaping work!! It can definitely be tiring and time-consuming to get your yard cleaned up!! It's so awesome that you can crochet!! There's a teacher at our school who offers after-school lessons for the staff members who are interested in learning. Good luck with your first giveaway, I need to host one soon!! :-)

    Warmest Wishes,