Wednesday, July 23, 2014

B2S Linky & Wordless Wednesday!

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Today's topic is Assessment.
I was trying to decide what type or part of assessment I wanted to write about. I decided on something that I would like some ideas about!
Fact Mastery
How do you assess mastery of facts?
(Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)
At my school we are really trying to focus on mastery of facts. Last year, I taught 5th grade. It was really difficult teaching equivalent fractions to students who had never mastered their multiplication facts. Rough! So I am really going to hit multiplication hard this year in 3rd. I'm sure I will also have to go back to addition and subtraction. (Pet Peeve: Solving simple problems like 5+4 by counting on your fingers ah! Especially in 5th grade!)
Here is a list of some thing that I do with facts in my room already
- Timed tests
- Around the world/flashcards
- Interactive Notebook entries
- Problem Solving prompts
- Math calendar (Love this, I need to write a post about this awesome product)
- And I just purchased this Multiplication Incentive program which looks awesome. I am going to try it out this year!
So questions:
How do you teach fact mastery?
Do you use timed tests?
Do you have any simple tricks to get more fact practice in during the day?
How do you assess and how often their fact mastery?
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This is what I walked into yesterday. WHOA, this is what moving looks like. Check back for updates on my classroom decoration and organization!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. When I taught fact mastery for multiplication facts, I used and created my own one minute timed tests. We did Minute Math at least 3-4x a week. I created a bulletin board for students to sign the number they passed when they mastered the facts and got them all right on the minute test. They really enjoyed it, even though they saw it more as a competition of who could get to 12 first. At least they were setting goals to make it to the 12's! I actually have the minute math sheets in my TpT shop as a freebie.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us this week! See you at next week's link up.

  2. I love that you are going to be hitting multiplication facts hard this year in third. I teach third grade and feel like it is always something I struggle with to make sure they all understand by the end of the year. I have to start with addition and subtraction in the beginning of the year too, especially if they didn't get it last year. I found Reflex math, and LOVE it! It is an expensive program, but cheaper if your whole school buys it! My kids LOVED IT last year, and I can't wait to introduce this years kiddos to it!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  3. Hey there! Man, I wish we could paint our classroom walls, can't stand white everywhere! You should try songs, catch phrases, or rhymes to memorize those multiplication facts. Then have the kids perform them and draw a picture, that would be fun! Have fun in the purple pod, I was there for 3 years and really liked the windows! :)