Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two for Tuesday & Final Hours of Giveaway

Wow. What a day! I forgot to link up this morning and then spent some time up at school! What a mess! I'll post about that later!

Here are the 2 products I am putting up for 50% OFF today and tomorrow, since I am so late!

My new Computer Lab Word Wall! Its only $2! Easy to print in color or black and white. These are used in our schools computer lab so the kids can learn some technology words! It goes along with my Giant Keyboard Project.

Second, is my Sight Word Bundle, on sale for $5. These are so great for use in guided groups and for struggling readers. I plan to use all the sets in my 3rd grade classroom so I can reach struggling readers, on grade level, and above grade level readers.

There are a few hours left of my Giveaway. Click below to go to the post and enter! You can win my Road Trip Bundle!!

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