Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Made It: Last one before I'm back to Work
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 This is my last MMI before I head back to work. NOO! I love crafting and won't have much time for it anymore! Boo! So I really got busy this last week! There were several things I have seen others make and had to get them done!
I saw this idea from Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes a couple weeks ago!
I had all these little wood pieces laying around because they were on sale at one time, and who can pass that up!?
 So excited when I saw these pointers created! I am going to use these for lots of things! I think they will make great reading pointers for our Daily 5!
 This idea came from 3rd Grade is My Life. She had some ugly trays just like me! Thanks for the idea!
 I have been using these for my M-F organization of papers/supplies. I got some Teal and Yellow spray paint and went to town!

These are going to look SO much better in my room! Now, I just need some labels for the front!
The pallet couch is finally finished! Woohoo! Awesome project! If you want to read how I made this check it out here. 
I'm really going to try and get my kiddos more involved with technology this year. All the teachers got an ipad last year so we can learn to start using it in our classrooms. Well, obviously, I am letting my kids use mine for centers and things. So I am obsessed with QR codes! I found such an easy free maker online! Check out these 2 sets of task cards I am going to use in my classroom! So excited!
Don't forget about the BIG SALE at TPT! 28% off! My shop is having a sale! Woohoo! I'm off to shop!

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