Sunday, August 3, 2014

Finally... The best DIY project of the summer!

I have been having so much fun making things and changing things in and out of our house this summer. Some things have been small and some bigger. But the BEST project, of course, was from Pinterest. And my poor hubby got roped into doing most of it! HA!

I posted this picture awhile ago on my Wordless Wednesday when it was still in the works. Now we are done and I'm read to share!  
Ta Da!! Here is the end result!
Now for the materials and steps to complete this project.
(Some of these pictures are not in order. Hard to capture when your husband is speeding through it!)
6 Pallets: We used 4 for the seating part and 2 were cut up for the back
(We got these pallets for free! I'm not going to lie.. I was stalking Craiglist.. they go fast!)
Watch the size of the pallets.. we used big ones and it was hard to find cushions!
6 Stainless Steel Rolling Wheels
1. The base of the couch needs to have the same size of pallets because you will be stacking 2 on top of each other. .
2. We used some heavy duty screws to secure the 2 pallets together. (We had some "ugly" sections on these pallets, so they went on the bottom!

3. Then we attached 2 more pallets on top of these two.
4. Next, my husband attached the wheels to the bottom. We used 6 wheels because it was so long and I wanted to be able to move it around the patio. We did one wheel in each corner and 1 in the front and back of the middle.
4. Then, we cut up 2 pallets to create the back of the couch. Again, secure them with heavy duty screws.
5. We did add some extra pieces of wood in some of the slats to sturdy up the couch, but yours may be different. We just used extra pallet pieces as you can see in the picture.
6. Voila! We were done! Now to find the cushions.
The HARDEST part of this whole thing was finding the cushions. Who would've thought! I did not want to spend a bunch of money on cushions, because this was supposed to be a basically free project (minus the wheels). After we finished building we had about 90 inches in length and about 40 in width. Not your typical cushion size.
I looked online.. nothing.
I looked in the stores.. nothing.
I went to the craft stores to look at foam and fabric... WAY too expensive.
Finally.. at good ol' Walmart I found some lounge cushions that I thought could work. But still not super cheap! At least they were on summer clearance.
This is still a work in progress. I am going attach some velcro to the couch and cushions so that they don't slip all the time. And I am going to make a small drink tray to sit on the side where the cushion doesn't reach. I will update with that when it's done. But it may be awhile we are worn out!
But overall.. I love it! Thank you Pinterest!


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  1. Wow, what an awesome project!! I saw that idea on Pinterest and thought how neat it would be to have!! Kudos to you and your hubby for doing such a great job!! Not only do you have an awesome place to entertain guests but it's also a wonderful conversation piece!! Hope you have a great school year!!!

    Warmest Wishes, Erin from Kindergarten Dragons