Friday, August 1, 2014

Five for Friday August 1st

It's Friday again! Ugh.. my last Friday off from work. So sad.. summer is slipping away!
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 I finished my makeover of my bathroom cabinet! Here is the before and after. It looks so much better in the darker color. I will be blogging about how I did this makeover soon, so easy!

I spent a couple hours in my classroom this week and it's coming together! (still have lots of piles to pick up)

(This is a terrible picture!)
I started printing and cutting out 2 awesome products I purchased. "Geography Question of the week" and "That's a Fact, Jack!" I HAD to have the 2nd one because it had Si from Duck Dynasty on it. Hilarious! My kids will love it!
We got to go on a little visit to Lawrence to shop. Bubba got to ride in the carry on! This is his "She's making me shop. ugh" look! 
Last, I finished up a couple of products before the BIG SALE on Monday!
I am going to print these posters out and use in my room to remind my students how to treat our iPad!

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