Saturday, July 13, 2013

Diy Wedding Calendar

Pinterest has become my main addiction in the past couple of years. You can find anything on there! I love to craft and I have found some great ideas to tweak for myself. I plan to share some of my past DIY projects and my new ones! Hope you enjoy!

My best friend's wedding, love that movie, was this June. We had so much fun! Before I headed up for it, I wanted to make her and her husband something special for their married life. I saw this great idea on Pinterest to make a calendar that you can write memories on each day. Then the next year on the same day you can read the memory you wrote. I thought it sounded like so much fun!

Here is the original post,

So I gathered all my supplies. Sorry I don't have pictures of the process!

Here's what you need:
- Notecards, cut in half (I got the colored ones!)
- Colored cardstock
- a cute box (love the Dollar Spot at Target)
- an old calendar, post cards, etc (something you can cut up)
- Markers or sharpies to write with
- Scissors
- Glue

Step 1: Cut all the index cards in half (or you can leave them whole if you have a big box) and write each day on one card. I just wrote Jan. 1 in the top right corner and continued on! Don't forget leap day! Then I filled in 2 of the lines with the year. Then the family would write next to each year. Example: January 1st went to a New Year's Eve Party!

You might think this part might take awhile but it really goes fast, especially if you are watching a great show, like The Big Bang Theory!

Step 2: I made the Month cards to separate my index cards. I used colored cardstock and then used markers to write the months. I had an old calendar that I cut pictures out of to make them more exciting!

Step 3: I chose to make a "Today" marker so that it would be easy to keep your place!

Step 4: In the front I added a simple note with instructions for the newlyweds!

And there you have it! A simple, unique wedding or shower gift for the happy couple! Very inexpensive, most of the supplies I already had on hand. Now I need to get to making one for myself!

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