Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chevron Movable Word Wall

I'm so addicted to Pinterest! As I was looking for new things to add to my classroom I found this great word wall idea over at Run! Ms. Nelson's Got the Camera! Check out her blog post here.
So I decided to make my own to go with my new classroom theme! Chevron is great for my theme! I love these papers by Ashley Hughes! She is amazing!  If you would like to purchase these word wall cards click here.

I printed these out, laminated, and punched a hole in the corners. I got some 1 in book rings, you could get larger ones if you want more space, and put them on each card.

Then, I purchased some small command hooks from Walmart. There were like 40 in a pack so I had plenty! I thought they would fit perfectly under my white board.
Here is a close up!
Finished! Now, once we start school and vocabulary lessons we can clip our index cards to their appropriate letter. I am planning on having the vocab. word on the front and the definition on the back. I'm hoping to use these for writing purposes as well as reviewing our new words.  
Hopefully, once school starts I will be able to tell you how wonderful this word wall is! Thanks again to Ms. Nelson at Run! Ms. Nelson's Got the Camera for this great idea!


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