Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Classroom Makeover Day 2!

So I got myself up to school again today and actually spent 4 hours there! I still have some organizing to do but I feel good with where I am at! So I decided to link up with Kimberlee for Teacher Tour Tuesday!
Here are some pictures of it today!
Here is my Homework Club Board! Finally got it hung up! Yay! For the free numbers visit my TPT store!

 This is my library so far. I love my Boggle board for making words!
 This is something new I'm going to try this year. This board is right behind my guided reading table. I saw this idea on Pinterest but no one to credit! I made my own labels in my colors and plan to use sticky notes for each guided reading group! I'm hoping it will keep that time more structured! If you want to purchase this set check out my TPT store.

This is outside my door! Thanks to my Cricut it was easy to cut my states! 

View down the middle of my classroom! 
I want to use this as a math/reading center tower that I can switch around every 2 weeks. I want to differentiate the activities for my kiddos. Let me know if you have any great ideas!

AND FINALLY! I made a Teacher Toolbox for my desk! Love! I haven't found the perfect spot for it yet but I will.  I bought this lovely at Orscheln's, my husband's favorite store. I spray painted it pink. Thanks to Fun in Room 4B for the free template. I just changed to the words I wanted and printed it on my fun Chevron paper!

Woohoo! I think I am close to being done going in before I have too. Now to enjoy the last few days of summer before we are back next week!

Can't wait to see lots of rooms coming together!


  1. I just bought the 10 color drawer. I am not using mine as stations that is a great idea. I am using mine by the door. When students walk in I can have them grab handouts from their class designated drawer (I have two, plus homeroom). I also want to keep my updated sub stuff in there (hopefully I will never have haha). I can also move it around to fit me when I need it. I may end up giving away my desk so this could help me to put things on such as pens, sticky notes, etc. Quick to items. Love your room.


  2. That is a good idea too! I can't imagine giving my desk away! Ha! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for linking up... everything looks great!! love the drawers... so colorful:) I am seeing a lot of folks going with a travel theme.

  4. I really like your guided reading story map and what's the big idea! Maybe you can hook a girl up! -Melissa