Saturday, October 12, 2013

Can't Believe it's already October!

So I have been majorly slacking on blogging! The beginning of this school year has been crazy and busy and I'm finally making time for my blog.

Even though I am a few days late I am going to add my October Currently from Farley's blog.

Listening: My dogs are going crazy outside this morning barking at anyone and anything. I think it's the highlight of their day!
Loving: I am so excited the 80s have finally left us. I want to get our my comfy boots, sweatpants, and scarves! (And yes, I probably have over 30 scarves, so I need to start wearing them!)
Thinking: I should really be cleaning my house instead of watching this NCIS marathon on TV. Hmm.. wonder if that'll happen?
Wanting: I want to go shopping for new fall clothes since the weather has changed! Old Navy anyone?
Needing: Can't wait for my 3-day weekend that is coming up after conferences this week. Much needed for everyone.
Treat: I am obsessed with Reese's candy. We can't keep it in the house for more than a day before it disappears!
Well that's it for today. Hopefully, I'll be back real soon! I need to get back in the habit!
Happy Weekend!


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