Monday, June 30, 2014

4th of July Monday Made it!

This is my favorite Monday Made it yet! Make sure you link up!
This is my favorite project so far! I have seen tons of pallet projects on Pinterest! My friend and I finally decided to make one! This is just in time for July 4th and SO EASY!
All you need is a pallet (which you can find for free), red, white, and blue paint, and a star stencil! We used small rollers for the red and white, and then painted on the blue! It took maybe 30 minutes!
Here is our before and after pics! I love how our different pallets made a different look!

I love how this looks with my flowers in front! Happy 4th!
My mom HAD to have one for the lake, so here it is!
I have been working on this project for what seems like forever! I wanted some cute flashcards for the Fry Hundred Word lists. So I created some! And they come with the cards for the game BANG, which my kids love! I like having all the sets because then I can differentiate words for each student! I made a bundle or there are individual sets! Check them out at my store!
Last, is a cheap easy picture frame! I purchased some $1 frames from the Dollar Tree. LOVE! And then painted it to match my photo! I just love the orange! Isn't my little dinosaur cute!?
That's all for now! So excited to see other Made its!